WARNING: This video contains a teeny weeny bit of strong language. Not for the kiddies.

Skewered (Goldsmiths MA graduating film, dir. Edoardo Brighenti)
Mingqing to the Arctic (Greenpeace)
Restoring Zhizhu Temple (The Temple Hotel Beijing, dir. Isabelle Baechler)
An Interview with Cartoonist Li Jie (Greenpeace)
Tempting Fate (Goldsmiths, dir. Anna Hagen)
Pesticides: On Your Plate (Greenpeace)
Interview with a War Criminal (Goldsmiths, dir. Ismar Badzic)
The Aquarium (UWE MA graduating film, dir. Rachel Wicks)
Lena (Goldsmiths, dir. Oisin Byrne)
How to Make a Big Movie (behind the scenes for Big Movie, dir. A Gan)
Nature in the City: The Crows (WiP, independent, dir. Lizi Hesling)